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Hailed by yoga teachers as being “easy to understand” and “a great way to write about yoga” it is a must have in your library. 

With Yoga Basics for Kidz you are introduced to the absolute best way to share yoga with the kids in your life. This book has over a dozen illustrated poses, complete with descriptions written in language even the youngest kids can understand.

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Discover how yoga will change your child's life!

Thanks for visiting Yoga for Kidz. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your kids to exercise without the hassle? If you could watch your kids having fun while they were being healthy? Imagine spending your time with the kids in your life while you’re having fun and getting fit at the same time. Yoga can make a difference in so many ways! It can help kids focus, get better grades, deal with some of life’s challenges, have more fun, be more fit and flexible, do better in sports, have good times with friends and family, have a sense of accomplishment, learn to set goals and so much more! Whether the kids in your life are dealing with trauma, living with some sort of special need, struggling to deal the different things that go on in a kids life, are being bullied at school or anything else, yoga can totally help them. Join me as I explore how yoga can help kids to live a better life. On this site I will share current news about this subject, new kid-friendly postures and games to play, partner poses kids can do with their friends during study breaks, and so much more.  It is kid friendly, and is a great place for kids to have fun and learn how they can practice yoga to be healthy and try new things.

What has yoga helped you do?
What has it helped the kids in your life do?
Email me at and let me know how yoga has changed your life. I would love to hear it!


Many Different Classes To Meet Everyones Needs. 

Coaching Program

Get specific tips and coaching to help parents & teachers introduce yoga to kids.

Healthy Tips For All

Healthy living tips for people of all ages and skill levels.

 Classes For Beginners

Not just for kids, Yoga for Kidz is teaching beginners of all ages!

Best Teacher Training

Training systems designed to teach instructors about the whole child and what it takes to get them excited to learn.

Meditation Classes

Taking care of your mind is an essential part of regular yoga practice, and Yoga for Kidz is no different.

Group Classes Available

If there are no Yoga for Kidz classes in your area you can join our online classes and learn as a group.

Welcome to the second volume of the Yoga for Kidz book series. After a successful best selling Volume 1 Hannah has put together a second volume for you! Join Hannah as she shares yoga poses for kids.

This book contains over 15 illustrated poses with step by step directions, written in terms that kids and teens can follow and understand. A practice log is included. And as a special bonus there are instructions for creating your very own sun salutation! 

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