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My mission is to help as many kids as I can through this website and the Yoga for Kidz program. I have dealt with a lot of things in my life, and some of them were kind of bad. Yoga helped me to get through them. It also helped me with my ADHD, at home and at school. Learning to be calm (which feels really good) has helped me to be calmer during the day.

I like to be flexible, relax, and not get in so much trouble at school, and now I’m on the A/B honor roll, and going for the Principal’s Honor Roll (straight A’s) in January. I know that kids don’t always like to listen to their teachers or parents, and it is hard to figure out how to get kids to pay attention sometimes. I want to help you find ways to get them to try it. If you do it right, they will love it!

They’ll have fun and want to do it more. I am constantly trying to learn more about yoga, and my goal is to take the class that will certify me as a teacher for kids. I will always remember that I am helping people help kids, and will do stuff to be a good role model for them!

In keeping with my mission statement, $3 from each and every video purchased will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I am so lucky to be healthy, and I am happy every day that I can do the things I want to do. Not everyone is that lucky. Help me reach my goal of $300 in donations to St. Jude’s by Valentine’s Day. I’ll post my progress online and let you know how we’re doing!

Have you seen all the recent research indicating that yoga is great for children? They are beginning to see differences in kids with ADHD, those who have been abused, children with anxiety and stress disorders. Have you wondered if any of this is for real?
Well, it is. And you don’t have to start out going to fancy yoga studios to learn it for or with your children. Nor do you have to be super flexible to benefit from yoga. You can learn some basic yoga moves and techniques through this website.
You can join the newsletter and weekly you’ll receive tips, poses and benefits from learning yoga. The tips will come from a child to you and your child or students. They will be shared in ways that your child can understand, in fact enjoy.
This site and its newsletter are designed for kids, their parents, teachers and their students. People from all walks of life are realizing the value in this newsletter. School teachers, yoga teachers, parents, administrators, the list goes on. I hope you enjoy the site, hopefully it will inspire you to take up yoga too!


Three Stars

Handy book with easy to follow directions for kids

Leonie macdonald/September 2, 2014


The young lady who wrote this did a great job of explaining how the poses are done and making it fun for kids. There are also some great illustrations.

Tamara Wolfson




Yoga For Kids Volume One and Two

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