Welcome To Yoga For Kidz Blog
Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out our new  blog. I am going to be posting lost of useful information so[...]
Hey there…I’m back!
Hi everyone!  I’ve been so busy trying to get my website up and running, and not only going back to[...]
Look what I found…
So with all the election stuff going on right now I’ve been hearing about a lot of stuff on the[...]
I read the weirdest thing…
I was looking online at school today (shhhh, don’t tell my teachers) and found the strangest article.  It said that[...]
Great Yoga Exercise for ADHD
How can you help your kids focus more?  Is there really a way to teach them to pay more attention[...]
What do you need to know?
Lots of people have been asking me what they need to know before they start doing yoga with kids.  I[...]
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