June 18

Great Yoga Exercise for ADHD


How can you help your kids focus more?  Is there really a way to teach them to pay more attention when they are doing their homework?  Well, there are ways, but you can’t tell them that’s what you’re doing!  Kids don’t want to learn to focus more, at least not most of the time.  They don’t like to tell you this, but it’s kinda fun to be hyper.  It’s only not fun when you get in trouble for something.

So, here’s something you can challenge them to do that will be fun for them and will work for you.  This is called the rope walk.  If you can’t get your children interested in doing this activity, try challenging them to do it.  Ask them just to see if they can.

Here’s what to do.  Take a wide rope, it’s best if you can find it in a really cool color.  Lay it out in a big space, like the front or back yard.  You can start with a straight line, then try it in a circle.  It’s really fun if you use several ropes and make circles that are different sizes.  The idea is to get yur kids to walk on the rope without falling off.  It sounds really easy, and if it’s in a straight line it is kind of easy.

But, if you make it in circles it’s tougher.  As they get better you can let them play it together.  They can each try to put the rope in a pattern that the other will not be able to follow.  The more twists and turns, the harder it is to walk on.

This fun activity not only gets kids to try things they wouldn’t normally try, but it makes them learn to focus on one thing.  It helps them build their attention span, and gives a bunch of ways you can change it up to get the interest of all the kids involved.  Try playing with this a few times and see if you notice a difference.


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