June 18

Balanced kids are usually happier kids


They say balanced kids are happy kids. In fact, that’s the title of a recent blog post on parentfurther.com.  In this article they talk about some of the things that are important for your kids to enjoy their lives. The author encourages parents to put their kids not in lots of activities, but in the right activities.  They stress the importance of school time, family time, social time, down time and meaningful activities.  If you are able to incorporate all of these kinds of activities into your kids lives, at the right amounts, your kids will be able to be more balanced as kids, and learn how to live a balanced life as adults.

In many ways, it doesn’t matter what the type of activity is, as long as it’s something that stimulates your child, helps him or her build skills, encourages him or her to get to know other kids, and gets him or her involved with caring, trustworthy adults. Research shows that kids who are active in meaningful activities tend to have higher achievement, higher self-esteem, and (depending on the type of activity) a lower likelihood of getting involved in drugs.

One of the huge advantages of helping your kids lead balanced lives is that, like in the above quote, there is a lower likelihood of your kids getting involved in drugs if they are living a balanced life.  They will do better in school, which gives them more opportunities when they are adults.  They will be more bonded with you, their family, which will give them a support system as they grow and they run into life’s struggles.  They will learn how to take care of themselves and be quiet.  Yoga is a great activity to do that will help with that and is also fun to do for family time.  Raising kids is tough, at least that’s what my mom says.  Take advantage of anything you can to help your kids be successful later in life!


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