June 18

Yoga in the Classroom?


Teaching kids how to do yoga to calm down, or to focus better, or to get more energy sounds like a really good idea, right?  It makes sense that if yoga works for grown ups it would also work for kids.  So then what can you do to help them learn about it now and to teach them to use it?  What about teaching yoga in the classroom at school?  Did you know there are teachers that are using yoga in their classrooms at school every day to help the kids pay more attention?  It’s pretty cool.  Here’s one exercise you can use in the classroom that can help the kids in your classroom learn to focus a little bit better.

Ask all the students to sit in their chairs with the chairs pulled out from the table a little bit.  Then, ask them to turn sideways in their chair, so the chair back is on their left side.  Have everyone put their hands straight up in the air, hold it for just a second, them put their hands on the back of the chair and twist to their left.  Don’t twist too much, you don’t want them to hurt themselves…just twist for the stretch.  Then, have everyone do the same thing for the right side.

You will notice the students are a little more alert after this stretch.  They will be paying a little more attention, and will be a little less distracted.  This is not a miracle stretch…some kids will still have a tough time.  But they will be better than before you had them do this.

For more information on the Classroom Yoga Project visit this site.


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