June 18

Yoga with a Friend


Doing yoga with a friend is the best kind of yoga on the planet!  You get to hang out with your friends, have some fun, and get a stretch in the process.  Plus, usually when you’re doing a yoga pose for the first time you’ll make mistakes and there will be a lot of laughing involved…and what better to do when you’re hanging with friends than to laugh a lot?

So, here’s a pose you can try with a friend that will get you going…

Sit on the floor, back to back.  Make sure you’re both sitting up straight and supporting your own weight.  You don’t want to be totally leaning on each other, although you probably will a little bit.  After you sit up straight for a minute have one person lean forward while the other one leans back, getting a really good back stretch.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can feel it!  Then switch directions.  Whoever was leaning back now leans forward, and the person who leaned forward will lean back and feel the back stretch.

This is just one example of a yoga pose you can do with a friend.  After you’ve tried this one see if you can come up with other partner poses to try with friends.  In fact, if you have a really good one please leave a comment describing it here.  We will even give a prize for the best partner pose suggestion!


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