June 18

Parent and Child Yoga for the Beginner


Are you looking for ways to connect with your child?  Is it tough to find time to hang out together and get to know each other better?  Do you feel like you’re always telling them to clean their room and do their homework?  If you feel that way imagine how your kid feels?  We always think we’re in trouble and not doing enough, so if we can spend some fun time with you, and do something together, we will have a blast!

Doing yoga together can be fun and relaxing, and can make some time to just visit without any fighting.  You may not know how to do yoga with your child, but that’s okay.  We like it when you’re not good at everything the first time!  Here’s a pose you can try with your child that will get you started doing some yoga together.

Kneel on the floor on your knees facing each other.  Grab a hold of each others’ wrists and lean gently back.  Together each of you will lean back, gently arch your back, and let your head fall back and look at the ceiling.  You will be using each others’ wrists as support to hold each other up.  Then come back to an upright position.

Give this one a try, and see what you think?  I bet you’ll have more fun that you expected, and let me know how it goes!  I’d love to hear your stories of doing yoga with your child.


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